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We are passionate about helping people live purposeful lives. Everything we do is based on the science of meaning and purpose. Empirical evidence and studies show that having a purpose in life creates happiness, psychological health, and has positive outcomes for physical health – it protects against heart attacks, Alzheimer’s and is a predictor of longevity. Our products have all been tested using the scientific method of randomized control experiments to ascertain that there is a proven causal effect between the use of our product and an increase in purpose and happiness.

Purposes Inc. was founded by Levi Brackman, a successful social entrepreneur, bestselling author and social scientist who created this purpose discovery coaching process and designed the online tool based on his experience helping people find their purpose in life as well as the science of purpose and meaning.



Our flagship product is Next Stage Purpose, a web-based, scalable tool that is scientifically proven to increase purpose and happiness. Next Stage Purpose incorporates all the elements that empirical research shows fosters purpose in life.

In addition to the online purpose discovery app. Purposes Inc. also offers one-on-one coaching opportunities in purpose discovery. Coaching certification and training is also offered for professionals in the fields of coaching, career counseling, financial planning and psychology who would like become certified as a Next Stage Purpose coach.


The preliminary data from a randomized control trial found the there was a statistically significant increase in purpose (p < 0.003857) and happiness (p< 0.00717) in the group that used Next Stage Purpose versus the control group. Given that purpose in life has such a massively positive impact on so many areas of human life the benefits of using Next Stage Purpose for individuals we think is self evident. Full results of the trial will be available in the summer of 2014. The following is a summary of what cutting edge scientific research says are the positive benefits of having an increased sense of purpose in life.

In adult populations, purpose was found to be a significant predictor of overall life satisfaction (Zika & Chamberlain, 1992; Peterson, Park & Seligman, 2005; Thoits, 2012) and is positively correlated with psychological well-being and positive affect and negatively correlated with psychological distress and negative affect (Zika & Chamberlain, 1992). Purpose has also been shown to have a strong relationship with positive self-concept, (Phillips, Watkins & Noll, 1974; Reker, 1977; Bigler & Neimeyer, 2001) and has been significantly positively linked to self-esteem, a sense of mastery and physical health, while it is negatively associated with psychological distress (Thoits, 2012). Purpose has also been linked to Time Competency, Self Actualizing Values, Self Regard and Nature of Man on the Personal Orientation Inventory (POI) Scale (Phillips, Watkins & Noll, 1974). Purpose in life has been associated with overcoming life crises and stresses (Stevens, Pfost & Wessels, 1987, Debats, Drost & Hanson, 1995; Jim, et al., 2006). Purpose is also vital for a successful and fulfilling career (Dik, Steger, Gibson, & Peisner, 2011).

Greater purpose in life is also associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment in the elderly population. Higher levels of purpose in life were also shown to reduce the deleterious effects of Alzheimer’s pathologic changes on cognitive function for people who already suffered from the disease (Boyle, et al., 2010). Thus, elderly people with purpose in life will exhibit better cognitive function even as they suffer from Alzheimer’s disease (Boyle, et al., 2012). Moreover, greater purpose in life is also associated with a reduced risk of all-cause mortality among community-dwelling older persons (Boyle, et al., 2009; Sone et al., 2008). There also is a general positive relationship between purpose in life and good cardiovascular health (Sone et al., 2008; Skrabski et al., 2005) and it has been shown that purpose in life could be a protective factor against myocardial infarction among high-risk groups with coronary heart disease (Kim, et al., 2013). Purpose in life in the elderly has also been associated with higher levels of HDL cholesterol, lower hip-waist ratio, and significantly flatters slopes of salivary cortisol (Ryff, et al., 2006). In addition, in a randomized control trial it was shown that purpose in life significantly reduced depression in people over 50 (Westerhof, et al., 2010).




Purposes Inc. has its genesis in the purpose finding process, curriculum and online application Levi Brackman created to help youth find their purpose in life. That purpose finding curriculum and Purpose Navigator app. is offered to students and schools through Youth Directions, a non-profit founded to help youth find direction in life. All this served as the basis for Purposes Inc.’s Next Stage Purpose app. and purpose discovery process.

The Purpose Navigator app and and purpose discovery curriculum for youth is provided through Youth Directions to schools and students at a subsidized cost. Youth Directions also helps at-risk and underprivileged youth find their purpose in life through subsidized one-on-one coaching. Purposes Inc. is similarly dedicated to helping youth find their purpose and therefore donates a percentage of any profits to Youth Directions.


The potential of any good idea can only be realized if it is carried out by a team that is able to execute the vision. Purposes Inc. is excited to be working together with a truly world-class team of developers, scientists and advisors.




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